The Bi-County Parkway is intended to add additional transportation capacity to reduce congestion, enhance mobility and link communities by providing a new route between I-66 and Route 50.  The new 10.4-mile highway will:

  • Relocate existing Route 234 out of the heart of the Manassas National Battlefield Park, moving it 2.5 miles west
  • Double Route 234’s traffic-carrying capacity to four lanes.  During morning and evening commuting periods, the intersection at Routes 234/29  now forces motorists to wait through several traffic light sequences in order to pass.
  • Provide capacity to handle the forecasted 91 percent growth in trips between Loudoun and Prince William counties
  • Enhance safety by providing a limited access facility with safety shoulders.  Facilities like the Bi-County Parkway have two-thirds lower crash rates than roads like U.S. 15 and other existing north-south routes in the vicinity.
  • Feature a bike/pedestrian path
  • Be extensively landscaped